A Touch of Nostalgia

Curated celebrations are all about the experience. Incorporating an element of nostalgia into your celebration will produce the feelings you desire that can’t be manufactured.

George W & Peggy J Price- Wedding Reception 1971This is a picture of my parents’ wedding reception in1971 where a classic design element-‘the Champagne Fountain’ was used. The Champagne Fountain is a stimulating element that engages all of your senses.  The pure sight of the flow of the beverage with the lights is nothing short of beautiful and sparks feelings of excitement, fun, and joy. Hearing the trickling sound is simultaneously relaxing and invigorating. Typically the beverage chosen is your favorite and tasting it on that day is divine. The occasional splatter of the beverage on your hand strikes a playful chord in your heart. 

My parents will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary May 2, 2021.  As we plan for this joyous occasion we desire to kindle those same emotions of that special day.  Including the Champagne Fountain with a modern twist is the perfect design element to accomplish that. 

You don’t have to purchase or rent the large traditional Champagne Fountain.  They have smaller versions now and the Champagne Wall and Champagne Tower are a nice twist as well. They ignite the same ‘feels’ as the traditional one with the same Classic style.


What are some nostalgic elements you want to include in your milestone event? We can’t wait to hear from you!