Keep it Simple Sweethearts!

When did children’s birthday parties become full productions filled with stress? I’m all about celebrating and celebrating big when necessary- but with all the FUN and without all the stress 😁.

Children’s parties are supposed to be full of laughter, family, friends, fun, and lots of love.

But sometimes we end up overwhelmed and stressed trying to deliver over the top parties. 

When I was young birthday parties included passing out a few invites, your family and friends showed up. You played a game or two, played music, you ate a few sandwiches or pizza. You sung Happy Birthday and ate cake and ice cream, then opened gifts- Simple & Fun.

Things have gotten more complicated over the years- no children’s party is complete without a custom theme, attire, decorations, favors and more.

The pressure is on!

You spend hours and hours prepping for the party, setting up the party, hosting the party and then days cleaning up from the party.

It doesn’t have to be that way at all. You can have the experience you envisioned and actually enjoy it.

Here are a few tips on how to keep it Simple but Modern and Fun!

1. Plan an Experience 

Take a few family and friends to the zoo, a ballgame, the movies, bowling. Most of these places have planners in house that help you coordinate the entire day.  They often have a food package and a private space for your guests.  You can bring in a few decorations and a cake.  These type of events often create long lasting memories and friendships. During the pandemic a lot of places are offering private packages.

2. Skip the Theme and Select Colors

Are you spending all you money and time trying to match decorations, favors, and food to a specific theme? Instead pick classic color themes- pastels, primary colors, black and white, nudes or monochromatic.  Then incorporate classic party elements- balloons, plates, cake, cookies, hats, noisemakers, etc.

3. Limit the number of kids

I know you don’t want to hear this. You don’t have to invite the whole neighborhood. Keep it to the kids they interact with regularly or do small things at places your child interact with friends. Bring donuts to their class. Or cookies to their Sunday school class. A pizza to their little league team or extracurricular activity group.  Keeping the guest list small allows you to create the experience you want with less stress- get the idea 🥰

4. Keep your Food Simple

Children are particularly picky. They don’t typically eat a lot of different types of food. So pizza or a sandwich tray, a hot dog bar, or popcorn and cotton candy, with a cake, cupcakes, or cookies will be plenty. Remember  the party is for the children and not the adults.

5. Ask the Birthday Boy or Girl what they want to do.

Believe it or not most children just want to do something fun and simple. Have cake, paint a picture, make an ice cream float, play video games, skate, have fun with friends.  We make it overly complicated. Let’s get back to the basics. Simple classic parties that we all remember. 

Bouncey houses, water balloons, and playground fun.

Keep it simple by picking one of the elements and build the party around that.  Instead of a carnival theme, have a balloon artist. Instead of a circus theme, have the clown. 

Taking a Simple Classic approach gets the fun flowing and keeps the stress low. 

That’s our approach with a modern twist! It’s all about the experience for us! We would love to connect with you and show you how our event curation & celebration concierge services keep the joy in your party journey!